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You should not increase your fate [but should withdraw yourselves from corporeal energy]. Nor should you expel the soul from the body, lest in departing it retain something [of the more passive life]. Nor should you leave the dregs of matter [ i. The expelling powers of the soul [which separate her from the body, and] which cause her to respire, are of an unrestrained nature. Those souls that leave the body with violence are most pure [for then the soul will rejoice in a liberation from it. Theurgists do not fall so as to be ranked among the herd that are in subjection to Fate.

For of those, who are thus negligent, the progressions are imperfect, the impulses are vain, and the paths are blind.

Nor hurling, according to the oracle, a transcendent foot towards piety. The telestic life, [consisting in the exercise of divinely mystic ceremonies], through a divine fire, removes all the stains, together with every foreign and irrational nature, which the spirit of the soul attracted from generation, as we are taught by the oracle to believe.

The Chaldean Oracles

It is requisite that [man] being an intelligible mortal, should bridle his soul, in order that she may not incur terrestrial infelicity, but may be saved from it. Filling the soul with profound love [which must be our guide to the beatific vision of the intelligible world]. Seek Paradise [ i.

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On all sides, with an unfigured [most simple and pure] soul, extend the reins of fire [ i. The immortal depth of the soul, [the summit or flower of its nature], should be the leader; but vehemently extend all your eyes [ i. The soul being a splendid fire, through the power of the father remains immortal, is the mistress of life, [extends vital illuminations to body] and possesses many perfections of the bosoms of the world. By understanding the works of the Father, they fly from the shameless wing of fate.

But they are placed in God [united with deity], drawing vigorous torches descending from the Father: and from these the soul descending plucks empyrean fruits, the soul-nourishing flower. It becomes you to hasten to the light and the rays of the Father, whence a soul was imparted to you, invested with an abundance of intellect.

By extending a fiery intellect, [an intellect full of divine light], to the work of piety, you will also preserve the flowing body. A fire-heated conception has the first order. For the mortal who approaches to fire, will receive a light from divinity: and he who perseveres in prayer, without intermission, will be perfected by the rapid [ i.

When you behold a sacred fire without form, shining with a leaping splendour through the profundities of the whole world, hear the voice of fire. Though you should perceive this particular soul restored to its pristine perfection, yet the Father sends another, that the number may be complete. Those are in the most eminent degree the most blessed of all souls, that are poured forth from heaven on the earth: but those are fortunate, and possess ineffable stamina, who are either produced from thy lucid self, O king [Apollo], or from Jupiter, through the strong necessity of Mithus.

To these he gave the ability of receiving the knowledge of light, which may be taught; but to others, even when asleep, he extended the fruit of his strength, [for some men acquire divine knowledge through communicating with divinity in sleep]. There is also a portion for the image [the irrational soul] in the place [the region above the moon] every way splendid.

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The Theurgist who presides over the mystic rites of Apollo, begins his operations from purifications and sprinklings. If you often invoke me [ i. For neither will the convex bulk of heaven then be visible; the stars will not shine; the light of the moon will be concealed; the earth will not stand firm; but all things will be seen in thunder.

You should not invoke the self-conspicuous image of nature. There appeared in it virtue and wisdom, and truth endued with abundance of intellect. From these the body of the triad flows before it had a being, not the body of the first triad, but of that by which things are measured. The first course is sacred, the aerial is in the middle, and there is another as a third, which nourishes earth in fire. For he assimilates himself, he hastening to invest himself with the form of the images. Nor to approach in a scattered manner to the empyrean channels, but collectively.

My understanding is that the Chaldean Oracles are so-called after a later member of the school of Platonic philosophy and not, as often attributed to the Chaldeans, whomever they may have been, as a rite of worship or understanding.

Any attempt to reclaim such a philosophy has to be considered marred from the outset. Your email address will not be published.

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Collection of the Chaldean Oracles. These have now been reprinted, with adjustments in formatting and the addition of an Appendix containing the Oracles given in a new sequence. In the present volume, the formatting of the original has been changed in order to render the text more easily readable. The footnotes found in the originals have been collected and placed in order at the end of the Oracles, allowing for a more easily readable layout.

Besides this change, and minor changes in formatting style, the text has not been altered, except in cases where certain Greek characters were in need of modernization. They will, doubtless, too, be held in the highest estimation by every liberal mind, when it is considered that some of them are the sources whence the sublime conceptions of Plato flowed It is clear that the following oracles, which are collected from the writings of the Platonists, are of Chaldean origin [and] it is likewise evident, that some of these oracles may, with great confidence, be ascribed to the Chaldean Zoroaster.

Short notes are added, by way of comment, on the most obscure of these oracles, and the exposition of Psellus is prefixed as containing the best account of the Chaldaic dogmas that can, at present, be obtained. What is Theosophy? Blavatsky William Q. Judge Charles Johnston D. Judge D. Home Articles The Chaldean Oracles. To the Public [re: the T. One Comment Keith Armstrong November 21, at am My understanding is that the Chaldean Oracles are so-called after a later member of the school of Platonic philosophy and not, as often attributed to the Chaldeans, whomever they may have been, as a rite of worship or understanding.

Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Teachers Movements Exemplars Sacred Texts. Sacred Texts. The Upanishads 1. Isavasya Isa Upanishad 2. Kena Upanishad 3. Katha Upanishad 4. Prasna Upanishad 5. Mundaka Upanishad 6. Mandukya Upanishad 7. Taittiriya Upanishad 8. Aitareya Upanishad 9. Our equivalent word mad conveys a somewhat similar idea. The Maadim are represented in the nether sphere by those vessels of wrath whose principles are subversive of law and order and altogether destructive.

They invest human forms but they are spirits of iniquity, and aptly described by the evangelist as wandering stars. From this definition we derive immediately the symbol of the Caduceus, carried by the Greek god, Hermes Mercurius. The Caduceus is probably a latinized form of the Hebrew Ke-deshi-ash, i. As Merx, the planet Mercury is related to trade, hence merchant, mercantile, mercenary, etc.

Poetically Mercury is the winged messenger or sailing ship which is primarily responsible for the tradition of the nations of the earth.

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J ustice and equity are the essence of righteousness. The men who judged Israel, during three hundred and fifty six years, from J oshua onwards to Samuel, were interpreters both of the civil and spiritual laws, their great prototype being Melchizedek Melech-king, zadok-righteousness King of Salem. He ruled in his own country and took tithes as a Priest from Abraham. Christ is called a Priest after the Order of Melchizedek, without father and without mother, having neither beginning nor end of years, verily an embodiment of the J udge of all the earth.

The bright and morning star Venus is mystically referred to as Lucifer lux, light; fero, I carry the Light-bearer, whose fall from heaven is associated with Hilel, another name for Venus, who as son of the morning represents the mystery of the incarnation of the sons of God or spiritual intelligences, which are collectively portrayed as Prometheus who taught men how to use the fire of the gods. In this light it is held to denote the Incarnation of the Son of God by whose descent into the world, liberation from Satanic thraldom is assured to many.

In connection with this work of redemption, the Christ appears successively in the power of all the Archangels in whom is invested the power of God. It is related, through the usual designation of Saturn Kronos as the Father of Time, or more familiarly Father Time with the hour glass and sickle with the Hebrew concept of the Deity as the Ancient of Days antiq-yomim. The unfathomable mystery of the Eternal and Infinite is guarded from mortal scrutiny and possibly from the questionings of even the denizens of the Spiritual World, by Archangel Zophkiel, who arbitrates between Time and Eternity, and thus may be said to measure the length of the measure of fate THE KABALA Without an understanding of the Kabala or secret knowledge of the Hebrews, it would not be possible to go far into the task of unravelling these ancient mysteries, and a brief view of the principles of the Kabala will not therefore be out of place in a work of this sort.

Kabala means hidden or secret, whence we have our word Cabal, for a secret conclave or council. Applied to the understanding and revelation of the inner meaning of the Scripture, it may be accounted the Secret Doctrine or Esotericism of the Word. The chief work on the subject is the Zohar, the revelation or field of light.

Many works have been written on the subject and several so-called expositions are more cryptic than the Kabala itself. What is known as the tarot is an essential part of the Kabala. It consists of the Twenty-two Major Keys or laminae, the exempla of which were said to have been engraven on leaves of gold by Hermes the Thrice Great. These Keys are representative of steps in the work of Attainment.

First there are the Ten steps of the Novitate, the Seven steps of the Adept, and lastly the Three steps of the Hierophant, ending in either 21, the Crown of the Magi, or 22 Madness. Every letter of the Hebrew Alphabet has a numerical value which follows the order of the alphabet from Aleph or 1, to Teth or 9. The values for five, six, seven, eight and nine hundreds are denoted by those letters which alter their forms when used as terminals, as for example, Caph 20, when used as terminal ; Mem 40, when used as terminal A name, word or sentence of the Scripture, when written in Hebrew, is transposed into figures or numbers.

The unit value of the same letters is then extracted, and it is then found that the inner meaning or Kabala of the name, word or sentence has a numerical value equal to the unit value thus extracted. The Notaricon is a method of literal extension and combination. The letters of any significant word or name are taken as the initial letters of other words, and the text which answers to this in any other part of the Scripture is held to be the key to its interpretation.

Similarly, the letters are taken from the beginnings and ends of the words of any pregnant sentence and are brought together to form new words which are explanatory of the sentence dealt with. The Temurah consists of an exchange of letters according to set tables called Tables of Tziruph, and the cryptic meaning of a sentence thus transmuted is resolved from the combination of letters thus derived.