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If you've done your homework and gone a little deeper into life's mysteries, you know enough to find the blessing in all of this. And if you're worth your salt, it will be easy to embrace things that overwhelm your ability to see the light.

Horoscopes (Feb. 20-26)

There's no need to freak out, because this too shall pass. You can accept this, or you can let it drive you nuts.

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In the end, it works best to let everyone be. The belief that you can change them only serves to drive a wedge between you. If I were in your shoes, I'd take a look at a who they're standing in for, and b what you get out of their inability to step up to the plate. In your current situation there are parental trips, and perhaps some belief that the only way you'll get taken care of is by taking care of them.

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Forgive the armchair psychology, but it's time to change the way you see this. They don't have to live your life, and they have no idea what's going on with you. All their advice is projected BS or armchair psychology that they absorbed from watching a little too much Dr. At the moment, what's going on with you defies analysis.

There is no cookie-cutter answer to the issues that are coming up for review. That being said, give yourself plenty of space to breathe. You're at a point where the only thing that matters is finding out what you want. Getting back on the treadmill? Chill out and get in touch with yourself.

Being in a holding pattern is usually a test, something that your Higher Self conjures up to see if you know enough to wait on the will of heaven. Some of you are getting impatient.

Daily Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

Others are grateful for the opportunity to chill out and get your bearings. There is nothing you can do to push the river, so sit back and open your heart to the idea that the next new thing is on the horizon and will show up with bells on in its own good time. It's so hard to reckon with whatever the problem is.

Chances are these issues go all the way back to Day One.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

As much as it might help to do a deep dive into your primary issues, you don't have the energy for it. Aside from that, you've made your decisions and feel like it's too late to turn back. At times like this, all you can do is pray that life will take you safely to the other side, and forgive yourself for knowing now more about what you didn't know then. Part of you is dead sure about this — but if something deep down inside doesn't have a few questions, I'd start to worry.

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  7. Yes, you've done whatever it takes to make sure nothing goes awry. There's plenty of backup, and everyone thinks you know what you're doing. The one thing that isn't working for you is the idea that nothing can go wrong.

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    This doesn't make you any less of a person, and neither does it make them any better than you! Life: Mars is watching over you intently this week, so make the most of his support by diving headfirst into every possible project at work. November horoscope: Prove your worth! Your skills will be called upon by your superiors, and despite your nervousness under pressure, you step up to the plate!

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