Native american signs horoscopes

Element water. Color roseate. Best Times best day: Monday best time of the day between 9 and 11 am between 9 and 11 pm.

Goals development of feelings. Life assimilation.

Earth a time to mature. Animal Totem salmon. Personality enthusiasm, self-confident, pride, full of energy. Positives creativity, magnanimity, generosity. Sub-Desires stability in feelings. Direction south. Mineral carnelian. Emotion intensive, passionate. Negatives arrogance, intolerance, despotic, dogmatic. Needs to Work On ability to judge, emotional stability, tolerance.

Plant raspberry.

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Intentions rule. Try to Avoid boasting, arrogance, indifference. Element fire with water. Color red. Best Times best day: Saturday best time of the day: between 11 am and 1 pm between 11 pm and 1 am. Goals rule. Life to find a certain goal. Earth a time for harvest. Animal Totem brown bear. Personality modesty, diligence, practical, fussy. Positives accurate, high ability to judge, moderately.

Sub-Desires perfection. Direction south south-west.

The Native American Zodiac

Mineral topaz. Emotion analytical, warmhearted. Negatives workaholic, hypocritical, prudish, grumbler. Needs to Work On tolerance, optimism. Plant violet. Intentions applicability. Try to Avoid grumbling, skepticism, hesitance. Element earth with water. Color brown and violet.

Best Times best day: Wednesday best time of the day: between 1 and 3 pm. Goals the examination, permanent effort. Life learn differentiation. Earth the time of falling leaves. Animal Totem raven. Personality tolerant, good-natured, charming, friendly. Positives diplomatic, romantic, idealistic. Sub-Desires beauty, harmony.

Direction south west. Mineral azurit.

Native American Zodiac Signs and Astrology

Emotion sensitive. Negatives gullible, indecisive, frivol, resentful. Needs to Work On inspiration, impartiality, perseverance, determination. Wind west wind totem: grizzly. Plant ivy. Intentions justice.

The Native American version of your Zodiac Sign

Try to avoid inconsequence, insecurity, hesitation. Element air with earth. Color blue. Best Times best day: Friday best time of the day: between 3 and 5 pm. Goals partnership. Life harmonization. Earth a time of frost. Animal Totem snake. Personality mysterious, ambitious, determined, intensive, impulsive.

Positives imaginative, purposeful, sharp-sighted. Sub-Desires spiritual unification. Direction west. Mineral amethyst. Emotion concealed. Negatives resentful, mysterious, distrustful, stubborn. Needs to Work On creativity, tolerance, adaptability. Plant thistle. Intentions introspection.

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  7. Try to Avoid egocentric, envy, despair. Element water with earth. Color violet. Best Times best day: Tuesday best time of the day: between 5 and 7 am, between 5 and 7 pm. Goals satisfaction. Life sensitivity. Earth The time for long nights. Animal Totem owl. Personality adventure, independent, warmhearted and jovial.

    Native American Zodiac Sign

    Positives conscientiousness, adaptability, versatility. Sub-Desires determination. Direction north west. Mineral obsidian. Emotion warm.