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Dreams unhinge, longings feel jammed-to-bursting. Kind of creepy. But the point here, if we move away from the moralistic tone, is that eclipses shift or tilt the balance between solar and lunar properties, and how we as humans align with those impressions. Where the moon is associated with emotional habits that support somnambulism, a kind of devolution. A solar eclipse does the opposite — assists the ascending solar arc towards the awakened state. But what of the sign in which the sun abides tonight?

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Libra is a peculiar symbol. Neither human or animal. Within a menagerie of critters Libra marks the virtues that transcend the passions personified by our animal nature.

Ignited by a full moon in Aries, the Libra sun leans towards warfare in the name of truth and beauty: Noetic forms that inspire a marriage of the human and divine. Too bad.

We might miss the potential to make and attend our wedding. To actualize the steps that mark progress — from animal to the divine. A struggle is afoot. Bring your best weapons. The good news? Lunar eclipses syphon into consciousness many of the alchemical forces associated with the final stages of the Work.

That place where alpha and omega blend, igniting an inner illumination. Cleanse my soiled soul; bathe me in your awesome light. Set me free from my history and cut me loose from my boundaries. Unite me with the One Thing hidden in my life, wherein is my only strength. Fill me with your Presence, allow me to see through your Eye, grant me entry to your Mind, let me resonate with your Will.

Make me transparent to your flame, and fashion me into a lens for your light only. Transmute me into an incorruptible Stone in your eternal service, like the golden light that surrounds you.

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The Lunation Cycle | Astrology | Luna moon, Moon magic, New moon

So I took a zen approach to this eclipse and let it come to me Cancer astrologers can do this better than, well, you can. Lying in the bathtub this morning I received a text message from a friend on his way to a big Kabbalah conference on the East Coast. What a revelation! But his text completed the download that started several days ago, just as the eclipse point began to perturbate. The first sputterings arrived when I encountered the above painting of the Bull of Zaandam. So I knew I was on to something.

Gurdjieff would deem a painting like this an example of conscious art , a form of art designed to illicit a distinct, specific emotional or spiritual response. Most art does not do this. The painting depicts the legend of an unfortunate meeting between a bull, some kites, a father and a pregnant mother. The outcome of the disaster is an airborne newborn. The story is hedged round with chthonic flavorings — death, birth and magic. New Moon eclipses have a similar confluence. At such times chiefs, kings, tribal elders — all were put on the spot to get the fucking Sun back on track.

The Progressed New Moon

But now the corrective measures must be our own. During these periods I experience a pulling downward and in. Just as in the Collective Lunar Cycle's Dark of the Moon, the Personal Dark of the Moon is a time for observing the void, in absolute stillness, as one cycle dissolves and the next begins.

It is a time for reviewing the goals of past cycles and seeding intention for future cycles, although this is often a subconscious process. During the first few days of the Personal New Moon phase, just as with the Collective New Moon phase, we find ourselves moving through a nebulous, formless state and back into a more corporeal, formed state again.

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Then, during the Personal First Quarter phase, we meet with an outer resistance to our life or work. This sensation of external resistance is similar to the work that occurs both at age two and during the teen years, when we feel the pressure to individuate in order to mature and grow. The true work of this First Quarter phase is to push beyond others' expectations and manifest our singular selves. The Personal Full Moon phase presents us with a crisis of yes or no proportions. Then, during each Personal Last Quarter phase, we meet with inner resistance to our life and our work.

Here, we resist the eventual dissolution that occurs as we move from the formed state back into the formless state as we approach the end of the cycle. We may be playing out a mini fear of death here, although this experience is often largely subconscious.

The Lunation Point

We can use the Personal Last Quarter phase as a practice session for learning how to let go. To begin, you need to know the degree of your natal Sun-Moon phase angle the phase of the Moon during which you were born. Many astrological software programs provide this information, as do some web sites, e. If you do not have access to a phase-angle return program, you can figure out your Personal Lunar Cycle for yourself. Many general calendars list the four phases of the Moon. Determine which phase of the Moon is closest to your Sun-Moon phase angle. See Table 1. See Table 2.

Coordinating the Personal with the Collective Lunar Cycle requires dexterity.

The Lunation Cycle

It is where the work is: living the connection of inner with outer. Conversely, he or she will experience a Personal Full Moon just as the rest of the world is responding to the inward call to stillness with the approach of the Collective Dark of the Moon. They will also have a longer Dark of the Moon period - four to six days, rather than the usual three days - because the Personal and Collective Dark of the Moon times flow into one another. The integration of the Collective and Personal Lunar Cycles is an end point of working with this information, not a beginning point.

The alignment of one's life with natural cycles is subtle work. It has been thousands of years since most people have paid attention to the integration of inner and outer cycles. It takes time, therefore, to recognize the subtle mix of rhythms on the physical level. Your can start this work by beginning to notice, over a six-month-to-two-year time frame, those three days of the Personal Dark of the Moon just before each Personal Lunar Cycle return.

Once you have integrated the rhythms of the Personal Dark of the Moon and Personal New Moon phases, you will automatically sense the other phases of the Personal Lunar Cycle. I stress the importance of the Personal Dark of the Moon because this is where the alignment between inner and outer rhythm feels most pronounced. There is a definitive tiredness during Personal Dark of the Moon times. When we rest during these times, naturally turning inward, this rest is like velvet.

When we resist rest and keep pushing ourselves, we end up feeling depressed, spiteful, angry, and frustrated. This is because the Dark of the Moon is for deep receptivity. We must be still and quiet to receive the knowing available to us. If we insist on putting out effort, on doing, the result is discordance. This discordance can harm subtle energy fields, eventually affecting physical fields as well.

One client with a tendency to overwork reported that she was "annoyed" when she didn't accomplish things at her usual pace during Personal Dark of the Moon periods. I explained to her that we are still working during Dark of the Moon times, although it is a very different kind of work.

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It is the work of releasing, resolving, and dissolving out of one cycle and into another. Dark of the Moon times are prime for any activity that supports the exchange of information between the subconscious and conscious mind. Activities such as taking naps with the intention to bring subconscious material to the surface, non-dominant hand drawing, creative play, or outdoor exercise can facilitate this work.

The purpose of this exchange is to awaken superconsiousness, or deep, inner knowing. Those with a strong desire to manifest their highest spiritual potential can benefit from working with the Personal Lunar Cycle. No matter how much you meditate or dedicate yourself to a spiritual life, if you are still living by mechanical time you are stuck in a construct of limitation.

You have a freedom of movement that corresponds to nature and the unlimited potential for awakening. Intuition deepens, connection with All That Is strengthens, contentment flows. On a more practical level, people with busy schedules can also benefit from working with natural cycles. It helps to know, in advance, when one can expect to feel more tired, such as in Dark of the Moon times, or when one might have an intensification of energy during Full Moon times.

Families can greatly benefit from respecting one another's Personal Dark of the Moon periods. Family members can cover chores for one another during low energy times, so that each person can experience adequate rest and renewal at the appropriate times. Families can expect to feel an increased sense of harmony, bonding, and support when they honor one another's rhythms in this way. If corporations utilized the awareness of natural cycles when planning and scheduling, it is likely that corporate profits would increase.

There is less margin for error in any kind of human production, and less waste, when people do not try to force themselves upstream during downstream times. Persons living with chronic disease can benefit by recognizing that patterns of low energy are related to lunar cycles rather than to a deterioration of health.

Anticipating personal and collective Dark of the Moon phases, one can allow more time for rest, which naturally boosts the immune system.