Day number 8 january life number numerology

This energy allows people with a destiny number of 6 to create harmonious and nurturing environments at home and in the workplace. While destiny number 6 is associated with the dependable and practical sign of Virgo, the Tarot card The Lovers is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini, which means that someone with a 6 energy may also have a creative side that must find expression.

Unlike the unbridled creativity of a number 3, sixes are more balanced, responsible and reliable. This means that they are likely to use their creativity in home decoration and interior design. A surprising aspect of destiny number 6 is the fact that it has important karmic lessons to teach us. When you are on this life path, it could indicate that in a former life you were neglectful of your marriage or family responsibilities.

Before you can move on spiritually, it is necessary that you learn how to be a reliable and nurturing partner and parent.

Destiny Number in Numerology

Another way that destiny number 6 expresses itself as a karmic lesson is when a person with this vibration is unable to find a suitable life partner or mate to settle down with. The lesson here is to learn to value yourself. You are creative, unique and intelligent and deserve to put some of that nurturing energy into caring for your own needs and desires.

Calculating Your Destiny Number Numerology experts calculate the destiny number by taking the sum of the individual digits in your birth date. Numerological Meaning of Destiny Number 6 The number 6 itself is regarded as a perfect number as it is the sum of all of its divisors. Career Path for Destiny Number 6 There are two aspects of destiny that must be taken into account, the life path and the goal of that path.

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Symbolic Meaning and Life Purpose of Destiny Number 6 The number 6 is perfectly balanced and harmonious, made up of two triads or two groups of 3. Sharing is caring! Share Pin. Destiny Number 5. People do not always clearly represent their purpose, but the knowledge of this number, perhaps, will force them to reconsider their views and beliefs. There are twelve possible Life Path numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22 and Special attention should be paid to master numbers 11, 22, they contain more power in themselves, than the rest of the numbers. To determine the Life Path number, you need to add all the digits of the date of birth and reduce the result to one-digit number by repeated addition.

If the sum is equal to 11, 22 or 33, then this result is also left. At birth, each person was named after himself, he received the surname from his parents, and the middle name is a gift from the father. Destiny number gives an opportunity to understand how to overcome possible obstacles on the way to a happy life and get acquainted with what awaits us.

An elementary numerology calculation will allow each of us to understand what actions will lead to success, how to achieve the realization of our plans and make our life bright and interesting. To calculate this individual value, you need to add together the numbers corresponding to the letters of your full name.


The result must be reduced to a single number by successive addition. If the sum is 11, 22, or 33 when adding, then this result is left unchanged. Based on this number, one can judge his deepest interests and aspirations, likes and dislikes. Sometimes the Soul Urge number turns out to be so strong that it subordinates all other character traits to itself, even defined by the numbers of Destiny and the Path Life.

Or it may seem dormant, restrained by life circumstances, and then suddenly awaken and break detailed plans for success. The Soul Urge number can be calculated as the sum of the numerical values of the vowels of the full name, expressing your inner essence, carefully hidden from others.

Numerology For Day Number 8 With Life Number 8

The result is required to reduce to a single number by successive addition. Master numbers 11, 22 or 33 have a separate interpretation. The Personality number Inner Dreams is an indicator of external manifestations by which a person stands out against the background of others not only as an individuality, but also as part of society. These are all his desires, internal needs and the basics of motivation, passed through a filter of self-restraint, formed on the basis of education and personal experience. The Personality number determines the manner of human behavior and sets the boundaries of morality.

“Life path number 8 is about power and ambitions.”

It depends on him how far a person is able to go in indulging his inner desires. It is easy to calculate the Personality number — it is the sum of the numerical values of the consonants of the full name, reduced to a single-digit number by the method of repeated addition. Number 8 name number in my experience lead me into unusual and rare diseases, but luckily I was cured each time. I had a tongue operation when I was 4 because I could not speak properly.

Then I had an operation in my scrotum for unusual extra nerve in my scrotum. I had eating problems. Then my vision got poorer and poorer as well. Then acne all my life. To yogis who practice yoga like Kundalini can automatically balance the negative consequence of this number by balancing their energy centers. This enlightenment gives a normal person a super man energy and the person does not feel tired at all. One will feel like exploding of sun light on his eyes. One has to learn to tune into this energy properly. This also involves sublimation of sexual energy to the head.

One can also temporarily go blind when experiencing this enlightenment. Next enlightenment is Witness enlightenment, whatever one sees he becomes that and he feels divine God pulsating in his awareness, the person also feels all the best emotion of life like self less love, gratitude, kindness all rolled into one another.

Next enlightenment is about Kundalini, feeling the Kundalini by itself is a enlightenment. Only Kundalini is the gateway to our freedom of experiencing all enlightenment mentioned above. This above info is from my personal experience only.

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The reason I have written this information is because for the people who come to this page is mostly number 8 people and they have a divine quest for enlightenment. Even experiencing one of the enlightenment not Kundalini alone for brief seconds like 3 seconds even will change your life.

It is very rare to find a real guru. Start your practice with Kundalini yoga, then slowly move on to other practices. During this age there is only deception.

Birth Day (Date) Numerology for People Born on 8, 17, 26 (Facts, Luck Factors, Life Path Number)

When one experiences enlightenment his ego sometimes inflates and he thinks he is God. Repeating mantras like hara rama hara krishna with out the awakened Kundalini is useless. Sometimes God sends his messenger to awaken the Kundalini when one repeats the mantras with devotions. It is devotion that counts.

This above info is from my personal experience, Moderator please let people access this information :. Thank you Peace. Since I remember number 8 was crucial for me. It lasted for 8 years. Just before I turned 16 in everything changed. I came to England on 25th July. I stayed. For the first time in my life I was judged only for who I am. I tried to forgot who I was. In I came poland for holiday.

I took my diary with me. When i started to read i had strange feeling like i am visiting sister which died long time ago. Then on next page i found sign i did by myself, without concentrating on content of it. Number 18 in a middle, crossed 3 times each of digit. Behind there is a sword which blade is curving and so creating 18 times number 8.

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  • Crown, and 2 pair of wings — angelic and demonic on sides. Next pages are full of 8point stars. And then when i turned the pages up to the New years eve I saw my summary for year Half page was red, as i associated this colour with this year. I made list of 8 things to do during this year. Then i found information with name of sickness and times i was in hospital. Diary has pages. My house number is My name number is 16 but i do not use it.

    I have got tatto on my stomach which i made when i was I have got 3 hidden 8s in design and 8point star.