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Although this squirrel might be quite calm and we don't know much about its state of mind, it is obvious that danger is lurking around the corner, while it lacks ability to defend itself, having no weaponry of its own. Coming to terms with circumstances in the real world, individuals born on the 20th of February will discover that their true purpose is a deep sense of faith and belief in God, the Universe, or any form of higher force.

Many of them will discover the right religion in this lifetime, and hardship will push them into analysis of their psychological state, dreams, and everything hiding deep in their unconscious world. This is a lifetime when one must take responsibility and discover that with it comes greater freedom, shining a light on everything they are that was shoved under the rug of family circumstances and limitations.

It is the "good upbringing" that truly sheds a person born on the 20th of February apart.

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They seem to be estranged from their own personality, unaware of their sensitivity, and very often pressured into things that come natural to other people and wouldn't come as natural to them. Standing out, they have many talents to share with the world, but very often need to move through a personal dark hole to reach the end of the tunnel and find light, discovering how to invest their creative energy and embrace emotions they carry within.

Only when they do so will they be ready for a significant other to enter their lives. Although they might have many meaningful bonds in their lifetime, before they reach the state of emotional awareness they will feel pressured, tied down, or jealous and bruised.

It's Pisces Season: Check your horoscope for week of Feb 20

Difficulty is inevitable and some sadness has to be let out so their Soul can rest and regenerate, and they can open up for experiences that truly make them feel loved. Each person born on the 20th of February excels at work that includes in-depth research and analysis, psychological research, or a special approach to abused children and emotionally manipulated individuals.

They will help themselves by helping other people, and the deeper they sink into emotional burden of others, the more ease they will feel in their personal world. Scientific and historical issues will attract them, but too much darkness in their life, working in closed, dark places or digging up remnants of what once was, won't make their hearts any lighter.

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  7. Seraphinite is the perfect stone to aid those born on the 20th of February to heal their emotional world, and help them in their search for spiritual enlightenment. It helps one make contact with the Divine Feminine and spirits of Nature, where all answers to their inner troubles lie. Let criticism float by you, not drag you down to the depths of sadness.

    The Pisces constellation lies with Aquarius to its west and Aries to its east and intersects with the ecliptic and celestial equator. The Pisces Constellation.

    Pisces: Your daily horoscope - December 03

    In Syrian mythology the sea-centaurs may be related to the divine fish that carried Astarte to shore from the water. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. The Pisces constellation The Pisces constellation lies with Aquarius to its west and Aries to its east and intersects with the ecliptic and celestial equator.

    The galaxy 3c 31 has a supermassive black hole at its centre and the jets caused by it are some of the largest known objects in the universe extending several million light-years. One of the earliest zodiac signs on record, the two fish symbol appears on an Egyptian coffin lid from circa BCE.

    Another myth is that the fish carried the egg from the Euphrates River to the shore which Aphrodite subsequently hatched from.

    Born on February 20 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

    Pisces may also be related to the ichthyocentaurs Aphros and Bythos Half brothers of the centaur Chiron who were said to have lifted Aphrodites Venus out of the sea on her famous cockle shell. Saturn, patronizes people who, by the will of fate, were born on this day. This arrangement, of the celestial body, at the beginning of its cycle through the sign of Pisces, affects such qualities of people whose birthday falls on this day as: generosity, inconstancy, sincerity, decency.

    Those born on this day place human relations above all else. A special relationship in their lives is friendship.

    Not capable of betrayal. They believe in sincere friendship, without lies and interests.

    What does the star sign Pisces mean?

    Very susceptible. Their character, their opinion and position is formed on the basis of the ideas of more influential comrades. Due to his credulity, following an occasion may end up in a bad company, run into problems with the authorities, acting at the will of those who call themselves their friends. In addition, protecting their environment, they are ready to accept conflicts with family members.