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Karma is the energetic exchange we participate in and send to this world. If we spend our days cheating, stealing, paying the bill, or clapping, this is our energetic achievement. If we put more into our lives, and when these things happen to us, we say it's Karma, but in fact it's just the Universe that responds to what we've already set out there.

Karma is something we have to be We are aware of the compensation that relates to paying our karmic debts.

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Saturn rules karma, which means that this planetary father regulates the energy exchange between what we send out and what we receive. This is not one of the favorite transits or the planets of many people, and it is often viewed as hard and unyielding or even difficult.

But here, too, we use our energy exchange as the guilt of an astrological transit that only reproduces what we have already defined as frequency.

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Whether this is energetic or even physical in our lives, for most of us, we just figure out how we want to be loved, what kind of work we want and how we want our lives to look like that not at once. In Sweeps Saturn. Saturn alone is a force to be reckoned with.

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In Capricorn, another powerful male peoples energy, it becomes even stronger. Capricorn is the mountain goat that slowly but carefully trudges up the mountain step by step. He does not rush, he does not worry when he will reach the summit, he only concentrates on every step in front of him.

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While Saturn in Capricorn generally speaks to the fundamentals that we are building, the beginnings of a new relationship, or the dynamics of a new job to reverse the planet during this transit, it points us in the direction of evaluating what we have already established. This setback is not just about getting beyond the old ground, because it's also a transit that likes to take advantage of the opportunities ahead of us.

We would like to take the risk to say yes, if we had said no before, but we have to make sure that everything from our past is done before we move on and of course our karma is balanced. While Saturn regression is a positive aspect for us, if we send out a lower energy exchange we could change the times the tables are rotated.

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If we were less honest, we could do this by seeing someone close to us doing the same to us. If we take people for granted or evade responsibility, we can see what it feels like. However, not all thunderclouds and sad faces are. For many, maybe even most of us, those who are trying to do the right thing, if it is not easy, forgive, give understanding and work hard.

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And as soon as we get to September 18th, we'll see why things are happening the way they did. So we both got scissors on this one and I asked a question and does that mean the answer to my question is yes? I'm going to say that it's yes as we both got scissors that's a double yes Vetoosh. Anyway I know this is a Jan.

She's always copping a squat in my house. She reminds me of a mouse I find a warm place to do what she do. And you know what mice do when they invade your area.

They have babies they eat whatever they can make their bed wherever they can in your house and crap all over the place. This is how I feel about mice. You stay outside my house you're gonna be a Happy Freakin Little Mouse. I'm confused which should I follow. Which is most accurate??? Hey girl hey, thanks for the read. I hope and am grateful the looks so much better the what an awful year. Are you using only major arcanas?

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It would seem so cause that's all that came out! Thank you so much.

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Leos need a break, the burden has been so hard- I need time to fluff my mane Thank you very much for this reading! The sacrifice that the leo has to make is no more being in Denial about alcohol addictions. Not so much for me This is going to be a tremendous year!